The CINGO multi-purpose Transporters are compact and easy-to-handle machines designed for working in tight spaces. The low centre of gravity ensures maximum lateral stability on slopes and the tracks put less pressure on the ground, providing greater adherence on uneven and irregular terrains.

The Cingo Transporter M500 can be used in all sectors for the handling of material in confident spaces and on steep and uneven terrain. With a total width of 690 mm, it transports the materials with ease, passing through doors and gates and in the narrowest passages without any problems.

Capacity 500kg
Length 1416-1560 mm
Width 690 mm
Height 1155 mm
Engine: Honda 5.5hp, Petrol, 1 cylinder, Stage V
Max speed (km/h): 3.5
Transmission: Hydraulic
Transmission levers: Hydraulic
Service Pump: Gear 3.2cc
Flow rate (l/min): 12
Pressure (Bar): 160
Starting: Manual recoil
Manual parking brake