Pallisers Shear-a-thon and Grass event raised over £25,000 for charities! 

On the 9th June, Rich Palliser undertook a a mammoth challenge of shearing as many sheep as possible in a 24hour period. Shearing is a very physically demanding job and requires not just agility and speed, but accuracy and care. Richard was on stage for over 24 hours tackling some hefty sheep! (Sorry Rich) and showed incredible passion and dedication to ensure we raised as much as possible.

This effort was in a bid to raise as much money as possible for three charities; We are Farming Minds, St Michaels Hospice – Hereford and the Alzheimers Society. 

All three charities are close to the Pallisers family for different reasons.

The business was started by David Palliser who began working in the agricultural industry in 1975 as a trainee sales representative, later moving into management. In November 1993 David and his wife Anna started the company.

Unfortunately in recent years David has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and has taken a step back from running the business to allow his children’s families to take the business forward. David still loves his machines and enjoys hearing about how the business is thriving, still with his family at the heart of it. All three charities play an important role with the support and help they have offered the family and members of the Pallisers team.

The event was a huge success with visitors across the two days, not only supporting Rich in the shearing shed but also watching our LIVE grass event in the surrounding fields. This was supported by our manufacturers.

The final tally of funds raised is £25,274.81.

Thank you to everyone that supported the event, visited and donated. We couldn’t have made it happen without you!


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